Quality, health,

safety and environment

It is about respect

Moreld Life cycle accepts no harm to people, the environment or materials. Our goal is to be a leader in HSE and quality in our segment. We have set up concrete parameters that we measure and use as we continue to strive to improve.


At Moreld Life cycle we focus on the customers, and to deliver products and services at the right time, with high quality, and by using the right expertise. Our goal is always to meet the customer’s requirements and contribute to cost-efficiency through efficient and cost-conscious execution of our work, and the application of new methods and technologies. Therefore, we have also established clear quality goals that we navigate by. We are, as the only company in Norway, in addition to being a Nemko-approved workshop, both IECEx- and UL-approved to repair and overhaul equipment for use in environments with high explosion risk.

Furthermore, our Condition Monitoring Department is both DNV GL-approved and ABS-approved as a service provider and authorised training and examining body for maintenance personell. We are also an approved service centre for ABB, Nemko and approved as an expert forklift controller. The company is registered in several prequalification databases for suppliers, such as Achilles JQS, TransQ, Sellicha and StartBank. In addition to the on-going audits carried out by these customers and certification companies, we also continuously control our own systems, processes and products through internal quality audits.


We aim to manage HSE initiatives in the company in a proactive and future-oriented way. It is important to us that our products and services are delivered with minimum impact on the environment and a high degree of safety for our employees in the production process.

The companies creates annual HSE programmes. We have established concrete measurement parameters related to our health and safety goals, including absolute goals for zero injuries and accidents, zero work-related sickness absence and zero emmisions to the outside environment that are subject to reporting requirements. The goals are continuously monitored through the control system, and unwanted events are continuously recorded in our quality system as well as uncovered through regular safety inspections and internal HSE audits.

The company also has systems for training and skills development, and all new employees must complete HSE training as part of the company’s training plan. Moreld Life cycle is well on its way towards the goal of zero damages, and in recent years the number of unwanted incidents and accidents have been very low. The company is, however, well aware that this work never ends.



Moreld Life cycle has developed and implemented an integrated control system.

The system is certified by Nemko and IQ Net according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 and is designed to continuously improve complex work processes and the interaction between them, and manage them according to our corporate responsibility to our employees, customers, governments, owners and the environment.